Court grants the police twenty eight more days in the case against Ethiopian journalists, bloggers

Saturday 17th of May 2014 02:03:40 PM  |  Addis Standard

Detainees to be charged with Ethiopia’s infamous Anti-Terrorism proclamation   Mahelt Fasil A court in Addis Abeba has today granted the police investigating the case of three independent journalists and six bloggers 28 more days to further investigate detainees. Of the nine journalists and bloggers under police custody the case for four members of the


Building Resilience Tops Agenda at Global Conference in Ethiopia

Wednesday 14th of May 2014 08:41:08 AM  |  Addis Standard

Poor countries and vulnerable people are facing a barrage of shocks: economic shocks such as volatile food prices and financial crises; environmental shocks and natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and earthquakes; food safety, diseases, and health shocks; and social and political shocks such as conflicts and violence that disrupt the food supply and threaten


The Shaky premise of authoritarianism

Tuesday 13th of May 2014 09:36:20 AM  |  Addis Standard

Taye Negussie (PhD)   Since we ordinarily associate authoritarianism with a political system bent on subjugating and repressing its subjects – so conceived rightly – and, as such, we tend to overlook as it reigns in a number of other human institutions.     As a matter of fact, the abusive parenting in family life,


Plunder of timber and fisheries is holding Africa back – Kofi Annan

Thursday 8th of May 2014 10:49:37 AM  |  Addis Standard

Africa's rich natural resources offer a unique opportunity for a breakthrough in improving the lives of Africa's citizens, says a major new report launched today by Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary-General, but too often these resources are plundered by corrupt officials and foreign investors. Rising inequalityis also blocking Africa from seizing that opportunity, the