Exclusive interview: After deadly protests in Gondar what should the government do next?

Thursday 21st of July 2016 10:02:38 AM  |  Addis Standard

Between July 12th and 14th more than a dozen people were killed in a protest in Gondar, northern Ethiopia, that followed a raid by heavily armed federal security forces, including the Anti-Terrorism s…


Ethiopia’s ‘miraculous’ economic growth: Dancing while standing still

Tuesday 19th of July 2016 08:17:33 AM  |  Addis Standard

Economic Commentary By J. Bonsa, (PhD), special to Addis Standard The 25th episode of “Ginbot 20” was on show in Addis Abeba on May 28th. This is a melodramatic event, an anniversary of the 28th…


Op-Ed: Unlocking Africa’s potential for decent work through trade and investment

Monday 18th of July 2016 08:30:39 AM  |  Addis Standard

Gilbert Houngbo Africa’s rapidly growing workforce needs decent work. Increased trade and investment can help drive inclusive growth for sustainable development but we need more integrated policies…


EU, Ethiopia, Germany launch 3.8m euro project to support agricultural investments in Ethiopia

Friday 15th of July 2016 01:01:16 PM  |  Addis Standard

Today, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources with support from the European Union and Germany launched a 3.8 million euro project to support responsible agricultural investment i…


News: Several killed as Ethiopian police force attempt to arrest individuals, sparking city wide protest in Gondar

Thursday 14th of July 2016 02:05:13 PM  |  Addis Standard

Ethiopia blames Eritrea for the unrest; conflicting reports on the exact number of loss of lives Unconfirmed reports claim at least eleven people, six of them police officers, have been killed in the…


Opposition figure Abraha Desta free at last

Friday 8th of July 2016 02:41:41 PM  |  Addis Standard

Mahlet Fasil   Abraha Desta, executive member of the opposition Arena Tigray, who has been arrested exactly two years from today, has just been released. Abraha was arrested shortly after Ethiopian s…


Struggles of an aspiring singer

Friday 1st of July 2016 09:21:57 AM  |  Addis Standard

Mahlet Fasil Born and raised in Erer Gota, a small town around Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia known for its fresh fruits Tezera Habtemariam bumped into his destiny inadvertently at the age of 17.  It…


Movie Review- Mr. Holmes:The fallibility of a genius

Friday 1st of July 2016 09:10:58 AM  |  Addis Standard

Reviewed by Andrew DeCort (PhD)   Mr. Holmes is a brilliant film, but the major reviews (e.g., in the Chicago Tribune and New York Times) have missed its insight. Initially, I grew bored as I watched…


News: At least four people killed in Addis Abeba following confrontations between citizens and the police

Thursday 30th of June 2016 08:27:45 AM  |  Addis Standard

Mahlet Fasil Two police officers, one civil servant and one local resident were killed yesterday in Addis Abeba in an area known to the locals as Hanna Furi, several eyewitnesses said. Administrative…


Opinion: Mapmaking and warmongering in Africa

Thursday 30th of June 2016 07:11:22 AM  |  Addis Standard

Stelios Michalopoulos and Elias Papaioannou  Providence/London – Why are some regions plagued by seemingly endless instability? In the Middle East, one widespread argument, which even the Islamic S…