Ethiopia: Agency to Extend 7 Billion Birr Loan

Friday 12th of August 2016 07:07:20 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Federal Manufacturing Industry Development Agency (FMIDA) disclosed it has prepared 7 billion Birr to be dispersed as loan for more than 17,000 enterprises this fiscal year. The en…


Ethiopia: New Corporation to Be Established for Railway Administration

Friday 12th of August 2016 07:02:13 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) disclosed it will establish a new Corporation that will manage the under construction railway line that will connect Ethiopia’s capital with…


Ethiopia: Premier Inaugurated 2 Roads Connecting Addis with Expressway

Wednesday 10th of August 2016 07:43:41 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, inaugurated 2 roads that connect Addis – Adama Expressway with the capital city. The roads have a total length of 28.1 kilometer…


Ethiopia Earned 2.86 Billion USD from Export Trade

Tuesday 9th of August 2016 06:04:09 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ministry of Trade disclosed Ethiopia generated 2.86 billion USD from the export sector in the just concluded fiscal year. However, the performance shows a 4.6 percent decrease…


Ethiopia: Gibe III Started Power Generation

Friday 5th of August 2016 09:08:22 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) disclosed Gilgel Gibe III hydroelectric project has commenced generating power. According to the CEO of EEP, Azeb Asnake (Engineer), the plant for th…


Ethiopia Aiming 65 Tons of Gold from 3 States

Thursday 4th of August 2016 08:10:28 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ethiopia is targeting to produce more than 65 tons of gold in the just started fiscal year from 3 different states, even if gold export fell to meet its target last fiscal year. Th…


Ethiopia: Ethiopian Partnered with UAE Based Hospital

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016 05:57:55 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ethiopia’s national flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, partnered with United Arab Emirates (UAE) based hospital, Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK) Hospital. The partnership is to facilitate sp…


Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom Aims Eastern African Markets

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016 06:16:53 AM  |  2Merkato

View Comments The telecom monopole in Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom, requested the government to expand to some parts of Eastern Africa. Speaking on the issue Andualem Admassie, Chief Executive Of…


Ethiopia Negotiating with POLY-GCL for Pipeline Construction

Monday 1st of August 2016 02:06:11 PM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas (MMPNG) is negotiating with the Chinese company POLY – GCL Petroleum Group for the construction of Ethio-Djibouti natura…


Ethiopia: ERA Plans to Construct and Maintain 23,000 Kilometers of Road

Friday 29th of July 2016 02:38:43 PM  |  2Merkato

View Comments Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) aims to construct as well as maintain around 23,000 kilometers of road across Ethiopia during the just started fiscal year. Commenting the plan…