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Get Started on Ajebnew

Ajebnew is your personal news managing and ranking site. Here are tips on how to get started to effectively use Ajebnew to your advantage. You can watch our quick video tutorials or read more below.

  1. Browse Ajebnew in your browser, it’s supported by any browser. Simply Go to http:/
  2. You can simply browse news, blogs and videos but you can even make Ajebnew more pleasurable by picking your interests in the categories section at the bottom of each page. To do so
    • Scroll to the bottom page of the site,
    • There you would find a list of categories, which are constantly being updated, hover on your interest and a follow button will appear.
    • Click on the button and it will simply convert into following and you are done if you are already logged into Ajebnew, if not you should login.

How to save article and videos

You can save a specific news, blogs and/or videos on Ajebnew so that you can refer it later. To do so:

  1. At the end of every article you will find a small button that reads “Save”
  2. Click it and your content is saved for you forever.

Where to find saved content

When the time comes to access the article you saved,

  1. Click on the user name on the right-top corner of the page,
  2. You will find “Saved Articles” link there,
  3. Click it and you will see a list of already saved articles.

How to follow and/or un-follow a specific source on Ajebnew

You might not be getting the news, blogs and videos from you beloved source in Ajebnew and some media sources could be annoying, if so you can simply follow and un-follow sources like this.

  1. From the list of sources hover on the one you like
  2. A button will appear with a follow text, simply click on it and you are done.
  3. Click it and you will see a list of already saved articles.

How to setup Ajebnew to specific language

By default Ajebnew gathers contents in different languages, yet you can set it up to your preferred language by following the following instructions:

  1. Click on the user link on the right-top corner of the page,
  2. A drop-down link will appear, click on “Preference”,
  3. The preference page will appear with a language section,
  4. Click on the check box of the languages you want to follow.