Happy Bi Visibility Day!

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015 11:19:09 PM  |  Feminist Activism

bi-flag.jpg?w=211&h=264Every September 23rd bisexuals the world over shed our cloaks of invisibility in favor of something more suited to the human race- community. Bi Visibility Day lands in the middle of Bisexual Awareness Week so today I’ll share with you some ways you can educate yourself about bi+ folk. Bi+ refers to the whole spectrum of non-monosexual people of any gender identity (transwomen, ciswomen, genderqueer, non-binary, genderfluid, transmen, cismen, etc.) who love/are attracted (romantically and/or sexually) to more than one gender, or for whom the gender of their partner is unimportant. Many people in the Bi Family identify as Queer, polysexual, pansexual, or fluid, amongst myriad other personal identifiers. Research suggests that roughly 52% of non-heterosexual people (and 29% of all people under 30!) identify as bisexual which means bisexuals come in all colors, races, religions, abilities, nationalities and ages. Bisexual individuals, no matter the gender(s) of their partners, come in three exciting flavors: single, monogamously partnered, and poly partnered. Below Sir Cumming are some ways you can celebrate (your own?) love for more than one kind of person.


Don’t assume you can guess someone’s sexual orientation by their gender identity/expression or that of their partner(s) If you’re collecting information about people’s sexual orientation for whatever reason, keep disaggregated data Add your voice, if you’re Bi, to discussions of bisexual experiences and answer calls for submission for writing and art Take to the internets and use #BiVisibilityDay #BiPride #BiWeek #oneofus to connect with other folks who know there is no shame in the love game Check out the Advocate’s articles relevant to bisexuality Follow @BiVisibilityDay @BiNetUSA @BRC_Central @BIWOC @TheTaskForce Recognize the bi folks in your life and accept them for who they are, especially if they are your partner Listen to my Bisexuality Affirming Playlist Use #StopBiErasure #StillBisexual and #RepresentationMatters to add to and learn from discussions of the diversity of the bi community Check out Bi’s Of Color, Bisexual-CommunityBisexuality is a Superpower, and other awesome Tumblrs and educate yourself about how to create inclusive spaces Buy and wear Etsy, Zazzle or Society6 stuff like pins that proclaim your love Attend BECAUSE 2016, Transcending Boundaries 2015, or another conference or event near you exploring sexuality, intersectionality and inclusivity Donate to your local Bisexual Resource Center or the GLBT National Hotline Consume ALL OF THE BOOKS on bisexuality/bisexuals you can wrap your paws around Take part in the bisexual community or if you can’t find support near you, build a community Explore your own romantic and/or sexual feelings about people of all genders!


I know the infographic isn’t very celebratory, but if you share it, this post, and all the things you learn during Bisexual Awareness Week you will greatly be contributing to the visibility of the Bi community, which is always something to celebrate!

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