M-BIRR Partnered with Total Ethiopia

Tuesday 23rd of August 2016 02:41:02 PM  |  2Merkato

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M-BIRR, one of Ethiopia’s mobile banking service provider, has partnered up with Total Ethiopia in order to enhance payment for fuel, lubricants as well as goods purchase.

The service is set to be given across 15 Total gas stations in Ethiopia. The method is said to enable users to deposit and withdraw cash and pay for their utility bills at Total gas stations. However, in order to get such service the customers will first have to register at M-BIRR.

In addition to this Total has also implemented a mobile application which will enable its customers to know the distance of the nearest Total gas station along with its phone number.

It was back in1950 that Total started operating in Ethiopia. Currently it has 173 retail service stations all over Ethiopia. The stations are said to have enabled Total to sell 700 million liters of fuel every year.

Even if Total Ethiopia started giving mobile payment service recently, its service in Kenya and Uganda go back to 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Source: Fortune

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